Driving alignment and outcomes for growth and innovation

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”
~ Peter Drucker

Why is Alignment important?

Without alignment you cannot grow or innovate in new ways. Growth is a team sport, but the alignment needed is harder to get than ever

The sheer speed of change means alignment can be a temporary state
Changing supply chain, business models, competitors, workforce and technologies force organizations to work in unfamiliar areas
Developing and sticking to a growth strategy is particularly difficult in a fast-changing environment

What do we do?

We guide you in inspiring, cultivating and driving the alignment necessary for growth

Assess strategy & alignment challenges: We assess three drivers of alignment – great practices, shared understanding and organizational appetite – and where they are hindering strategic growth ​

Engaging the right people: We help you set the stage for engaging the right people

Alignment is part of the strategy process: We build alignment from the start of our work together, not as an afterthought

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Why choose NewEdge?

Grounded in significant research on best practice: We have led research for multiple strategy and innovation associations, and published in multiple peer-reviewed journals, that document almost 20 years of research with hundreds of companies

Widely adopted growth strategy and innovation assessments: We offer 20-minute assessment tools that can be leveraged to get a quick read on how well your organization is set up for success in your growth and innovation strategies

Powerful tools for alignment: Our Opportunity Thinking approach has powerful tools for simplifying development of your vision, strategy and roadmaps by aligning around opportunities. The process inherently drives cross-functionality by rallying people across a common approach to growth

Where do you need support?

Engagement Builder

We work with you before your organization is even aligned around driving new growth or engaging outside support, to strategically bring the right team on board

Alignment for Strategic Growth & Innovation®

We explore where there is and is not alignment as well as three critical elements of driving alignment – practices, communication and appetite. With our 20-minute assessment tool combined with internal interviews, we create an Alignment guide that allows you to see and track progress

Let's talk about getting started...

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