Our Story

NewEdge is a growth strategy firm. We help companies deal with the pace of change; helping them future-proof their business.

Our Opportunity Thinking® approach is our touchstone - the belief that it is opportunities that lead to the most impactful growth and development, not ideas. We help companies develop long-term strategy and vision by identifying big opportunities and the roadmaps to go after them. We also help companies get to bigger ideas by tethering them to opportunities.


NewEdge has worked with Corporate and BU strategy, R+D in building long term innovation strategy and portfolio. Doing work within each of the functions in a business - helping them see and understand future possibilities and preparing their capabilities to leverage them.

When It All Began

NewEdge began in 2002. Our CEO, Dr. Pam Henderson was a professor at Carnegie Mellon when a career opportunity for her husband at the National Lab brought her to Washington state.

While working at WSU Tri-Cities the National Lab asked her to help with some early technology commercialization. At the time, they had a lot of new projects going on with a number of them having commercial potential; however, they themselves didn't have the tools to effectively take them to market. Pam realized the market research tools and principals she learned in school really didn't apply. This new technology could go in numerous possible directions and those tools weren't sufficient.

Through working with her MBA students with technical and technological backgrounds she began to work through this, and in the process developed Opportunity Thinking®. It provided a way to go out and break many of the traditional market research rules - instead of sampling representatively, sample un-representatively. Instead of looking for the mean, look for divergence.

Where We Are Today

The tools Pam developed are used now to help clients as they think about innovation and the future. Our staff hail from business, strategy, technology and creative backgrounds. Coupled with a broad ecosystem of experts we are able to uncover an unparalleled breadth of perspectives and opportunities.

Our innovation Brewery in Washington state is a purpose-built facility that allows clients to focus on opportunities. We pave the way to big opportunities in a creative and uniquely focused environment.

The work we've done includes both B2B and B2C clients. We have worked across industries from science and technology to CPG and food & beverage.

What is Next

Our Opportunity Thinking® approach states that ideas alone are not enough. People tend to be either overly focused on one idea to the exclusion of all others, or they can see the range of all potential ideas and cannot decide which one to choose. Our approach helps them see the broader picture, focus on the approach with the most potential, and act on the insights.

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