You can kill and idea … but
you can't kill an Opportunity

Landscape and prioritize the opportunities that will lead your organization to growth.

Whether you are exploring a new area or building on an existing opportunity, use opportunity strategy to prioritize to form your Vision, Strategy, & Top Opportunities. Organizations often have a vision and strategy but lack clarity on which ideas to invest in to deliver growth. Opportunity Strategy is an opportunity-driven process that engages the corporation, business unit, or function to identify new areas for growth at a Territory level and a Space level. Taking an Opportunity Thinking® approach creates the much-needed Opportunity Middleware™ that bridges the gap between strategy and the initiatives that will drive growth, defining the most critical areas for investment.

Defining the Middleware Defining the spaces within a specific territory to create a clear organizational roadmap of how to capture an opportunity.
Lack of focus Too many projects in the pipeline and difficulty focusing on the right opportunities that will drive growth.
Focused on ideas vs opportunities A culture focused on ideas rather than big opportunities. Narrowing too quickly. Organization moves directly from a big territory into ideas without prioritizing spaces to pursue.
Engaging the Ecosystem Engaging and collaborating with individuals and companies outside of your organization. Those who participate, influence and observe our industries accelerate learning's and the identification of new opportunities.
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