Case Study


Creating a breakthrough communication platform


Impact: Vision
Industry: Consumer Products

\ Challenge

Wrangler's existing marketing communications were highly successful. However, in the face of continued price increases stemming from the rising cost of cotton, the brand story and value proposition needed to be sharper and more motivating than ever.

Create an innovative communication platform that would strike the ideal balance between Wrangler's key purchase drivers and the rational / emotional elements in the communication.

\ Our Approach

Use a highly iterative, cross-functional approach, called a Rapid Brewery, to drive creativity, co-creation and decision making focused on building a robust communications platform.

  • Engage a cross-functional group from Wrangler as well as external industry experts to ground the team in consumer, competitor and ecosystem insights.
  • Create potential concepts defined by:
    • Consumer tensions / beliefs
    • Product description and benefits
    • Reasons to believe
    • Visual representations
    • Vet and further build the concepts with consumers, using a build-test-build approach to rapidly refine at multiple points a long the way.


Within six weeks, the joint NewEdge-Wrangler team had developed:

  • A set of robust marketing concepts that communicated the brand ideals of Wrangler and connected with consumers on a personal and emotional level.
  • The final winning concept was launched in a 2012 television ad campaign.
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