Research Intern

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NewEdge is seeking full-time and part-time research interns to support our teams and the business. These individuals will have the opportunity to:

  • Join a fast-paced, opportunity-driven company and immediately help impact our future
  • Learn and deliver new approaches to innovation
  • Serve senior executives and drive the growth of exciting global client companies
  • Work with a creative, highly intelligent and motivated team, while growing personally and professionally in the process

Scope of Responsibilities

Team Support - Providing support to project team members, project support specialists, and graphics designers to fulfill the project scope and successfully deliver on the client's needs. Research interns primarily help design, manage, analyze, and participate in gathering market insights (qualitative and quantitative), which includes but is not limited to analyzing available academic literature and business reviews, conducting in-depth interviews, performing secondary research, and conducting focus groups, ethnography and surveys.

Client Support - Clients look to NewEdge to create game changing results, as well as enhance their organizational capabilities. Therefore, it is imperative to build trust, while serving as a liaison with clients, fostering relationships, encouraging collaboration and facilitating effective creative solutions to meet their needs. Research Interns support clients by bringing them NewEdge approaches of creativity, design, in-depth methods, trends, and knowledge across industries. Superb interpersonal skills and the ability to think quickly and cogently on one's feet are critical for success.

Company Development - Clients engage for many reasons, but one of the core assets NewEdge presents is its suite of unique Disruptive Principles, methodologies, and frameworks. Research Interns also help to shape NewEdge offerings by introducing new areas of knowledge for further development. In addition, interns continue to position the company as a best-in-class innovation strategy firm with clients and the world around them.

Performance Measurements

  • Project work evaluation
  • Partner and peer reviews
  • Internal and external client satisfaction
  • Repeat/new business and opportunities
  • Utilization - billable hours as an indicator of internal and external demand
  • Intellectual content and knowledge development contributions

*Highly Recommended*

  • A Bachelors degree with preference given to those with a technical, marketing or business focus.
  • Demonstrated research skills with an ability to navigate both academic literature and popular culture media to recognize trends, patterns and insights.
  • Practical experience with business research design, market insights, strategy development, and product/service/business model development applications.
  • Practical expertise across several of the following domains: business strategy, marketing and market strategy, product and technology development, innovation and growth, business models and business building.

Desired Skill Sets

  • Demonstrated ability to recognize, prioritize, and evaluate impact trends, market trends and specific growth opportunities.
  • Outstanding conceptual, analytical and strategic skills.
  • Articulate communication and effective persuasion capabilities.
  • Ability to deliver strategic insights, provide recommendations, and give presentations.
  • Ability to apply business thinking and work well with creative personalities.
  • Ability to juggle multiple projects simultaneously with thoroughness and precision in a fast, rapidly-changing environment with tight deadlines.

Professional Work Capabilities

  • Committed to industry and client knowledge
  • Curious and inquisitive, coupled with a high energy level
  • High-level of personal accountability
  • Strong work ethic
  • Innovative
  • Lateral thinking
  • Effective at reading the client
  • Seeks harmonious working relationships with other people

Job Type: Full-time and Part-Time

Salary: $12-$15/hour, depending upon past experience

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