Opportunity Analyst

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NewEdge is seeking an experienced Opportunity Analyst capable of helping us grow and build our presence.  These individuals will have the opportunity to:

    • Join a fast-paced, opportunity-driven company and immediately help impact our future
    • Learn and deliver new approaches to innovation
    • Serve senior executives and drive the growth of exciting global client companies
    • Refine and help develop our offerings and IP
    • Work with a creative, highly intelligent and motivated team, while growing personally and professionally in the process

Scope of Responsibilities

    • Team Leadership
    • Client Leadership
    • Business Leadership
    • Company Development

Demonstrated Experience Base

    • Five years of professional experience
    • A Bachelors degree is required and a degree with a technical, marketing or business focus is preferred
    • Demonstrated success in providing business advisory services in a consulting or corporate capacity, managing projects to plan and budget, providing strategic leadership, innovation, talent development and client relations
    • Ability to plan and manage at both the strategic and operational levels
    • Understanding of B2B and B2C industry differences and client demands
    • Practical experience with business research design, market insights, strategy development, and product/service/business model development applications

Desired Skill Sets

    • Outstanding conceptual, analytical and strategic skills
    • Ability to apply business thinking and work well with creative personalities, objectively assess creative work and effectively steer creative development to a higher level
    • Ability to juggle multiple projects simultaneously with thoroughness and precision in a fast, rapidly changing environment with tight deadlines
    • Demonstrated ability to recognize, prioritize, and evaluate impact trends, market trends and specific growth opportunities
    • Be a role model for the company culture
    • Ability to deliver strategic insights, provide recommendations, and give powerful and actionable presentations

Professional Work Capabilities

    • Seeks harmonious working relationships with other people
    • Committed to industry and client knowledge
    • High-level of personal accountability
    • Strong work ethic


**No relocation packages available.**
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