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Who is NewEdge?

At NewEdge, we help our clients become Opportunity Thinking™ organizations. Our philosophy, and title of our best selling book, “You can kill an idea, but you can’t kill an opportunity”®, rethinks common approaches by inspiring a growth and innovation strategy rooted in opportunity.

We work with our clients to identify new opportunities where their organizations can capture growth through consulting, training or a combined approach. I’m Intrigued

NewEdge is a boutique firm so it may be that you are unfamiliar with our track record. We have worked with over 75 Fortune 500’s with numerous examples of the success of our Opportunity Thinking approach. Clients such as PepsiCo, Sherwin-Williams, Parker Hannifin, USG, Harley-Davidson and 3M are adopting Opportunity Thinking tools in their growth and innovation processes. The outcome is long-term vision and strategy that sticks such as John Deere’s overall innovation vision that has lasted for over 8 years. We’ve identified and helped clients generate new revenue through new business models for companies such as Procter and Gamble, Ferrari, and Eastman Chemical, and accelerated growth and speed to market for firms such as The North Face and ConAgra. Other firms are building skills through our OpportunityEDU training offer including Mohawk, SABIC IP, and Wrigley.

Our Opportunity Thinking process is proven to deliver growth. We invite you to learn more.

Why Opportunity Thinking?

Opportunity Thinking is the paradigm shift that ideas can only get you so far. Real growth comes from recognizing that we should focus on opportunities first, energizing your organization, enabling bigger ideas that deliver. Four Opportunity Thinking principles…

We transform how organizations approach growth through a series of Opportunity Thinking principles and practices. Here are four of our 13 principles. Prefer a Video?

  • Opportunity = Needs + Value + Conditions - every opportunity is a combination of the needs, the value platforms that can address those needs, and the conditions that make it the right time to act.
  • Opportunity exists in six places – we look at opportunity across technology, brand expression, business model, market, environment and the organization.
  • Opportunities can be discovered and created – we have four tools that reveal new opportunities and stretch your core: Trends, Insights, Dimensions and the Ecosystem.
  • Opportunities are accelerated by the Ecosystem – we engage our network of over 4000 ecosystem experts defined as anyone who participates, influences or observes the beginnings of opportunity.

How you can accelerate growth
through Opportunity Thinking

Opportunity Thinking accelerates your growth and innovation efforts by aligning the organization on which opportunities to pursue, then continuing to communicate and reinforce those opportunities as they develop over time. 7 Ways to Go Faster…

Opportunity Thinking…

  1. Establishes a long term vision for growth, creating direction and inspiring action
  2. Drives focus and reduces effort on ideas that don’t deliver
  3. Delivers a pipeline of short and long term opportunities
  4. Stretches growth in the core and into adjacencies
  5. Enables cross-functionality to align and develop bigger ideas
  6. Teaches how to size opportunities, not just ideas, reducing uncertainty
  7. Enhances processes to accelerate development and commercialization time

Thought Leadership

A must read for any organization
that wants to fully leverage innovation.

Angelo LaGrega, Wrangler